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Andrea (Engelmann) Box is a registered physiotherapist with a clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy, excitedly returning to North Shore Sports medicine clinic after a 5 year absence while living and practicing in central Washington. Practice in the US gained Andrea significant experience and exposure to post-operative rehabilitation for procedures such as rotator cuff & ACL reconstruction, lumbar fusions & laminectomy/decompressions,surgical fixation of fractures, hip surgeries, and both partial & total knee replacements. Additionally, Andrea continues to tailor a combination of joint and soft tissue manual therapy with individualized strength/mobility/coordination exercises to treat sport, work, motor vehicle, pregnancy-related, and acute & chronic injuries in patients of all ages. Vestibular rehabilitation is also a strong area of interest for Andrea, with experience treating BPPV, dizziness, and balance deficits. Jaw/TMJ dysfunction is also treated by Andrea, often in conjunction with addressing postural, neck & headache symptoms.

Andrea earned her clinical doctorate in Physical Therapy from Marquette University, after completing her bachelor’s in Human Biology while on Marquette’s NCAA Div I track & field team. Between degrees Andrea took a 1 year hiatus to compete for Canada on the national bobsled team. Andrea has also earned her certified strength and conditioning specialist designation, and previously worked as a personal trainer for a diverse clientele ranging from youth soccer teams to Olympic snowboarders.

Return to an active North Shore lifestyle & work with its active patient population is truly an honour and priviledge for this therapist. Outdoor activities such as hiking, snow-shoeing, and rock-climbing are personal favourites of this therapist. Andrea looks forward to once again partnering with the good people of the North Shore to keep them moving, active, and getting back to the work, recreation, and daily activities most important to them!


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