Andrew Bell

P1080839 (Small)Andrew Bell

BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy, BHK


Kinesiologist Andrew Bell’s practice focuses on active rehabilitation and the optimization of natural movement patterns. His principles and techniques are rooted in promoting personal empowerment through exercise and goal-orientated improvement of quality of life. He assists patients in returning to work as rapidly as possible and increasing their general activity levels.

As an athlete, coach and kinesiologist, Andrew has extensive experience with sports and sports medicine. He is part of a team in charge of the strength, conditioning and rehabilitation of the soccer players in the Vancouver Whitecaps Residency program and while at the University of British Columbia (UBC), he worked with the Varsity men’s football and baseball teams.

After completing a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree at UBC, Andrew moved to Scotland where he completed a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree.

In his spare time, Andrew competes with a local soccer team and is often found on North Shore seaside and mountain running trails.


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