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Massage therapist Erik Wyatt recognized he was going to be a skilled care-giver when his dad fell ill while they travelled together. His dad passed away a few weeks after returning home, but Erik soldiered on, becoming a Paramedic, working for the BC Ambulance Service. Within the ambulance service, he traveled to 45 different stations in towns and cities around the province.

In 2012, Erik was looking for a change of pace and a lower stress environment so he began a new chapter into massage therapy. He has an extensive background treating athletes, including mountain bikers, runners and triathletes.

Using his 13-year career as a paramedic, Erik employs excellent diagnostic skills to develop individualized treatment plans for his patients. He has a thorough understanding of injuries and the mechanics of movement, which assist him in building up each patient’s weaknesses and helping return them to their former lifestyle. He recommends weight lifting exercises in conjunction with his treatments. Being an enthusiast of Olympic lifting he is always focussed on form and functional strength.

Erik was a competitive mountain bike racer. When not practicing, he cuts firewood, gardens and enjoys getting muddy on trail rides with his dog.


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