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Physiotherapist Tara Lazarski is Certified in Acupuncture, performs IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) has a Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and has extensive experience treating a broad spectrum of injuries and conditions including concussions and the vestibular system. She uses manual therapy and a full range of physiotherapy techniques to design individualized treatment plans for each of her patients.

She is also an experienced personal trainer, having served as coordinator of McMaster University’s Fitness Centre for several years. This experience and knowledge provides her with a broader perspective in treating sports injuries.

Tara’s physiotherapy and training skills led to her serving as a field therapist for several of McMaster University’s sports teams, the Ontario Provincial Cycling Team, and with several national and professional road and mountain bike athletes. She currently provides physiotherapy support for the Canadian National Cycling Team, as well as various North Shore teams and athletes.

Tara earned her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy and Bachelors degree with honours in kinesiology from McMaster University. She is a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and Sport Physiotherapy Canada.


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