ramsey“My high impact lifestyle left me with a series of painful injuries that hard work alone could not resolve. Ramsey Ezzat taught me a routine of good habits and core strength in a friendly, accessible environment…I would recommend his treatment for anyone from competitive athletes to people with kinks in their backs.”  Cst. Michael McLaughlin, RCMP

“It’s so convenient having a physiotherapy office on campus, especially now that we are covered by the student medical plan.” MC

Paige with Patrick Chan (Small)

“Thank you so much for the great work and making me feel ready for my competition!” Patrick Chan, World Champion Figure Skater

“When I first started to see Ros (retired from NSSM in 2016) for physio, my shoulders were tensed up around my ears and my left arm was painful to move. We worked at reducing my pain, correcting my alignment and building core strength. I have gone to Ros for years and she’s the best physiotherapist in town. I also recommend having her book close at hand for reference. I keep a copy of the person in front of a computer [demonstrating correct posture], stuck to the wall of my cubicle, to remind me to sit up straight at the computer and not cross my legs. I did a two week bicycle tour of France and Spain in June. And it’s thanks to her that this body was in shape for the torment….”  FC


“Paige has been my physiotherapist for almost 10 years and she has treated me frequently during that time. Apart from being a highly knowledgeable and consummate healthcare professional, Paige is also a principled, ethical and community-oriented business person. I have been to all of her clinics, know many of her fellow professionals and staff, and can attest to the quality of her business acumen, management and administrative practices, customer orientation and overall quality of service. In fact, we often trade ideas and best practices from our respective business experiences. I trust her completely and commend her to you as a worthy candidate for the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year – this is a richly deserved honour for Paige.” Signed: Doug Campbell, Argyll Consulting Ltd.

I made it through the whole planting/earth moving of the spring garden season without a visit. Tennis elbow is finally gone and hips staying in line! -R

[Patient confidentiality prevents the use of full names in most cases.]

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North Shore Sports Medicine's entrepreneurial spirit and drive for excellence have grown the business from a single, two-bed facility to two clinics with many staff. To achieve success, they have defined new ways to hire and engage staff, spearheading a first of its kind Fellowship Program for new physiotherapy and RMT graduates, reducing attrition and fostering a culture of community contribution and continuous improvement. In-house education is a significant focus, and they strive to make NSSM the best multidisciplinary clinic in which to work. ...

North Shore Sports Medicine's entrepreneurial spirit and drive for excellence have grown the business from a single, two-bed facility to two clinics with many…