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Hot to Stick to your Fitness Resolutions

Hot to Stick to your Fitness Resolutions

With 2018 fast approaching, many people will be thinking about their resolutions for the New Year. As displayed by the increase of people at the gym on January 1st, one of the most common goals is to get in shape. While it is a great resolution, it is known to be challenging to keep. We have included a list of tips below to help you stick with your decision and have a happy and healthy 2018!

Moderation is key

  • With exercise and diet, it is best not to under-do it or over-do it. It is better to occasionally indulge in a sweet treat as opposed to cutting out all desserts. Cutting something out can potentially lead to over doing it later. When it comes to exercise, it is important to find the amount of exercise that is good for you and your fitness level. This level should be adjusted as your fitness improves.

Have the right intentions

  • To be successful at improving your fitness make sure you are doing it for yourself. If you exercise to make a friend, partner, or family member happy you most likely won’t have long-term success. When you exercise for yourself alone, you will find it is easier and more rewarding.

Don’t swear by the scale

  • While weighing yourself can be a measure of fitness, you should never use it as your only method for determining health. The scale can be deceiving because gaining weight isn’t always a bad thing. Weight gain can be beneficial if it is due to increases in muscle mass as opposed to fat.

Ask for help

  • Whether you are a beginner, an experienced exerciser, or a professional athlete, everyone can benefit from asking for help. Whether you’ve hit a plateau or want to try something new, speaking with someone who has experienced in their field can take your activity to the next level and help you reach your goals.

Make the fit choice

  • Being active is something that can and should occur multiple times throughout your day. You don’t have to go to the gym daily to lead an active lifestyle. Activities as simple as walking your dog, riding your bike, or choosing stairs over escalators and elevators are considered daily activity. Making the “fit” choice in your everyday life will have a larger impact than you might expect.
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