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Snowshoe Running

Snowshoe Running


What is it?

A walk, job, hike, and run can all be called snowshoe running. It’s a great cross-training alternative which makes the most of our outdoors in the Vancouver winters.

The benefits are:

Snowshoe running confers many benefits such as the beautiful terrain. It’s also quite the challenge, not to be underestimated as a non-competitive activity. It’s a great low impact activity which changes up the routine for many of the active runners. It also has quite a social aspect of time as there are many groups which go out at each of the local mountains.

Equipment required:

Your normal trail running gear

  • Shirt, shorts/tights
  • Running shoes
  • Light jacket
  • Plus, gloves & toque
  • Running snowshoes
Running snowshoes are:

Narrower to allow for normal foot movement while also being shorter, around 12″(30cm) to 15″(38cm) long. This gives you a tighter fit which better connects your foot to the snowshoe.

We recommend a 5 minute cardio and stretching warm-up before you start:
  • Hold stretches at least 30 seconds to allow for the tissue to creep
  • Do dynamic stretches prior to exercise
  • Static stretches follow exercise
  • Do not bounce in static stretches
  • Do not stretch with pain – use gentle pull only


7 PM – 9 PM Wednesdays
Rental – $14.00; Trail Ticket – $7.00
(with own running snowshoes)

7:00 – 7:30 registration, rentals, education
7:30 – 9:00 unguided running.

2.5 km and 4.0 km trails specifically marked with reflective tape
Head lamps are provided for unlit trails
Bibs provided for identification, safety, and time recording

For more information, call Mt. Seymour at (604) 986-2261, local 216 This is also the registration number for Snow Shoe Running

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