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Stay Injury Free This Ski Season

Stay Injury Free This Ski Season

Dreaming of a White Christmas? Wishing for some fresh powder? While your boots, skis, and boards may be tuned up for the season, it’s important to make sure your body is ready too. Let yourself have an injury free ski season this winter by adding fitness, warm-up, and recovery to your routine.

Pre-ski fitness can be started any time of the year, no matter what season. Whether you are at home or on the beach in a southern sun spot, you can begin training to improve general fitness and prepare for the upcoming ski season. Get to the gym to work on some exercises focused on building strength, power, and balance. Alternatively, head to a pool and swim some laps to improve cardio fitness while putting minimal impact on joints. Booking a session with a registered physiotherapist or personal trainer, such as our active rehabilitation visits, can also be of great value.

Once you’re lucky enough to be on the mountains, don’t forget to do a proper warm-up. Jumping into activity without warming up can lead to injury for cold muscles and joints. Do a series of warm up stretches for your neck, back, shoulders, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. Finish with faster and more dynamic exercises like squats, lunges, and quick hops on both legs for your larger muscle groups.

While a warm hot chocolate and a comfortable couch may seem ideal after a ski day, it is important to partake in proper recovery. Stretching is key to help decrease tightness and soreness. Massage can help as well whether it is by a professional or simply by using a foam roller or a tennis ball.

Last but not least, skiing is a sport. Much like any other sport, preventing ski injuries requires leading a healthy lifestyle on an everyday basis, so don’t forget to eat a balanced diet and get sufficient rest before skiing as fatigue increases the likelihood of injury. It is also equally important, hydrate. Exercise consumes a lot of water, so aim to drink two full 1L water bottles a day. With proper care and attention to your body, you will be sure to have your best ski season yet.

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