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Staying Active While you Travel

Staying Active While you Travel

Wherever your summer vacation takes you, sitting for a long time in a car or on a plane can put stress on your muscles and joints. This can lead to muscle cramps, stiffness and fatigue. This summer, don’t let travelling discomfort ruin your trip. Prevent joint and muscle pain by practising good posture, and follow our expert physiotherapists’ recommendations below for a pain-free summer.

  • Support the hollow of your low back with a lumbar roll or a rolled-up towel.
  • Hips, knees and elbows should be at a 90-degree angle. In a car or plane, reposition your seat or the armrests to fit your body.
  • Shift your weight frequently during a trip to relieve pressure points.
  • Keep your headrest centered in the back of your head.
  • Get up frequently to stretch and move.

Want to do more? Bored on a plane? Check out below for some easy exercises to keep you happy and healthy throughout your travels.

To maintain good circulation and reduce stiffness during your journey, do an exercise for each area of your body including your head and neck, shoulders, torso, and feet and ankles.

For your head and neck, try moving your ear towards your shoulder to stretch the opposite side of your neck. Gently stretching the muscle while taking a deep breath in and out will help to make the tension ease off.

This can be followed by shoulder rolls moving the shoulders forward, downward, backward and upward making smooth circles.

An excellent foot and ankle exercise is foot pumping. While sitting, pump each foot several times as if you are working the gas pedal of a car. This will increase circulation, relieve stress and avoid cramps. Remember to slowly stretch until you feel gentle tension, and take relaxed breaths while you are stretching.

For all seated exercises remember to sit tall with your ears, shoulders and hips in line with each other, and your legs apart at a comfortable distance from each other.

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