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Winter Conditioning

Winter Conditioning

Happy New Year from all of us North Shore Sports Medicine Clinic and Deep Cove Physiotherapy! Winter is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, and with the number of sports available to us in BC, just make sure you take time to condition your body, as the winter poses a high risk for “impact” injuries. The experienced physiotherapists at North Shore Sports Medicine Clinic recommend that you incorporate strength and stretching exercises for your thighs, hamstrings, buttock and abdominal muscles into your workout plan before hitting the slopes, the ice or the basketball court.

The ABC’s of winter conditioning:

“A” is for Alignment – Prolonged sitting or sitting in a twisted manner can lead to poor alignment of your spine, shoulders or hips. This may cause discomfort or pain and increase the risk of injury, besides limiting your ability to perform at your best during winter sports activities. When sitting at a desk, sit up straight, have your feet on the floor, and your arms relaxed and supported.

“B” is for Balance – Crucial to almost every sport, your balance may need some training, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle. Using a balance board, which most gyms have, or standing one legged on a pillow can help improve your balance. If you work at it enough, eventually you’ll be able to balance one-legged with your eyes closed.

“C” is for Core Training – Your core acts as an “anchor” for your legs and needs to be strong to stabilize your trunk. Exercises that rotate around your torso or core, and exercises that involve bending forward or backward are best for strengthening your core. These include crunches or planks.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2014!

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