Do you text with your head poking forward and your shoulders all scrunched up? 

Do you carry a large, fashionable handbag over one shoulder, loaded with a drawer full of odds and ends?

Do your children’s knapsacks weigh as much as they do?

All these habits can help strain your back, shoulders and neck, as well as your muscle, tendons and joints. Simply being aware of your posture will help reduce these strains and keep your body ache-free. 


In Praise of Good Posture – Improve Your Posture

There are ways you can improve your posture. You can learn to hold your head in balance, rediscover your centre of gravity and move more efficiently through your hips, knees and ankles. And you can improve your breathing.

Ros Ferry, our very own physiotherapist and talented writer, recently published a book about this, titled In Praise of Good Posture. Pick up a copy from any of our North Shore Sports Medicine clinics, or contact Ros at 604.929.8444 (work), 604.836.6834 (cell) or at


Hands-On Help

If you have pain that just doesn’t seem to go away, please contact one of our clinics at Deep Cove 604.929.8444 or Brooksbank 604.973.0242 to schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists. We can help you improve your posture, perform full assessments, provide hands-on treatment and educate you so you know how to keep your body strong and pain-free.

In Praise of Good Posture
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