Body Sport Pilates / Fusion Ball

Join the North Shore Sports Medicine running group! Get motivated, meet like-minded people, and maybe set a new PR! Runners of all levels will find themselves challenged with five different paces to choose from. We help to build your running stamina by adding on difficulty with longer running intervals or shorter walking intervals every week.

Start date: Tuesday, April 23rd @ 6 PM **Now on Tuesdays!**

Location: 340 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver
Cost for the 12-week program: $75
Five paces to choose from: Couch to 3K, Learn to 5K, Run 5K Faster, Learn to 10K, and Run 10K Faster.

Participants receive:

  • One of: 60% off an initial physiotherapy assessment OR 50% off an initial kinesiology visit
  • Free beverage after each run
  • Prize draw for those who complete the weekly runs. Every 3 runs is one entry!

If you require any additional information, please let us know!


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