By popular demand! The NSSM Running Group is back. 🥳

Five paces to choose from:

Couch to 3K, Learn to 5K, Pick it up 5K, Learn to run 10K, Pick it up 10K

Cost for the 11-week program:  $70

Start date: Monday, April 3rd @ 6 PM
Start location: 340 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver

Participants receive:
- choice of free NSSM light, NSSM running mittens, or 50% off a class of your choice
- free beverage after each run
- 10% off all Kinesiology services
- 20% off initial Physiotherapy visits
- prizes awarded for completing all of the runs

If you require any additional information, please let us know!


2 reviews for By popular demand! The NSSM Running Group is back. 🥳

  1. Ryan Farnsworth


  2. Kizzy (verified owner)

    The best thing I ever did. Pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. Signed up for my first 5K. Made some wonderful friends. And love running along side Lynn Creek. Thank you NSSM 🙏🏽 Looking forward to the Spring series😃

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