Manna Sandhu (He/Him/His)



Manna Sandhu has been involved in sports for most of his life and provides physiotherapy support for a broad range of patients including Windsor Secondary’s football programs, BC Rugby and Team BC Sledge Hockey. In addition to treating orthopaedic injuries, Manna also specializes in concussion management.

Manna knows the benefits of physiotherapy firsthand. He sustained a lower-back injury when he was fourteen. Medications failed to take away the pain, so he visited a physiotherapist, who treated him and gave him a second chance at competitive sport. After competing in AAA Boys High School Basketball, Central City Roller Hockey and BC Touch Football, Manna attended the University of British Columbia to pursue a career in physiotherapy. He is dedicated to giving his patients the same second chance he was given as a young athlete through education, manual therapy and active rehabilitation.

Manna earned his Bachelor of Science and Master of Physical Therapy degrees from the University of British Columbia and today remains a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia, Sport Physiotherapy Canada, and the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia.

In his spare time, Manna plays basketball, football, hockey, golf and hikes as a way to embody an active lifestyle and continue to fuel his passion for sport.

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