Registered Massage Therapy RMT

Pooneh Jahandari

RMT Registered Massage Therapist


Pooneh loves that massage therapy gives her the opportunity to work with a variety of patients and to assist them in achieving their wellness goals, including recovering from injuries.

Using a holistic and patient-centered approach, she focuses on facilitating each patient’s healing process. In developing individual treatment plans, she combines a variety of techniques and modalities such as a detailed assessment specific to each individual’s condition, myofascial release, active release therapy, muscle energy techniques, joint mobilizations, and the application of remedial exercise in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Pooneh graduated from Vancouver Career College’s RMT program.  In her spare time, Pooneh works out at the gym, reads books, hikes, and uses the benefit of massage therapy treatment to maintain her own health.

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