Frequently Asked Questions


How long is a physiotherapy appointment?

30-45 minutes for subsequent visits, 1 hour for initial visits.

Why does the initial visit cost more?

The practitioner will spend up to an hour, 1 on 1, to go over every possibility to ensure you have an accurate diagnosis.

Can I see more than 1 practitioner in the same day?

Yes.  But for insurance purposes, you are better off seeing different disciplines. Some insurers will not provide coverage for the same discipline in the same day.

Do you do direct billing?

YES. For almost all insurance companies. Let us know who you have coverage with, and we will do our best to direct bill.

How much will my plan cover?

Our insurance submission portals do not give us individual claim information. You can find this information on your provider’s website if you have an online account with them, their app, or by calling your provider.

Whats the difference between massage and physio? How do I know which treatment is the best option for me?

Massage is primarily focused on manual therapy techniques in combination with pain education. Physiotherapy is movement based therapy, sometimes combined with acupuncture or IMS. 

What is the difference between a kinesiologist and a personal trainer?

Difference between a kinesiologist and a personal trainer is that a kinesiologist has the background in anatomy, physiology, movement analysism and injury rehabilitation. You will gain strength by working with a personal trainer and a kinesiologist, but a kinesiologist will be able to create an exercise program specific to your body’s condition and abilities. Personal trainers have varied educational backgrounds, whereas kinesiologist all have university bachelor degrees and are registered with the British Columbia Kinesiologist association.

Why can I only book with certain practitioners for WSBC?
What should I bring to my appointment/what should I wear to my appointment?

Please bring your Care Card, and any insurance information. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing. We have shorts and tank tops to borrow if you need to.

Do I need a doctor's referral to get treatment at NSSM?

We do not require a doctor’s referral to access our services, however, if you have an active ICBC claim, your claim owner may require one prior to beginning treatment. Some extended health care providers may ask for referrals to cover services.

We suggest that you communicate with ICBC or your insurance provider to determine benefit rules.

How many sessions will I need?
This is dependent on your injury type and severity, your personal preference, and the recommendation of your practitioner.
What is the difference between IMS and acupuncture?

Acupuncture and IMS both fall under the category of Dry Needling (needling without any coatings or injections). While they use similar needles and can both relieve your pain, the framework and approach differs.

IMS targets dysfunctional neuromuscular bundles (Trigger points). It’s great for instant release of a tight muscle knot but you’ll experience more of a deep to sharp ache during the process as the needle is inserted to stimulate a muscle twitch and is then immediately removed. There is no electricity involved and soreness is common up to 48 hours afterwards

Acupuncture targets meridian points along the body to promote proper blood flow and chi.  Acupuncture is generally more relaxing and involves minimal pain. The needles are inserted for 15-20 minutes and electrotherapy may be used in conjunction. Usually there is much less soreness compared to IMS.

More information about the GLAD program and when does it run?

GLA:D (Good Life with Arthritis in Denmark) is an exercise program developed by researchers and physiotherapists for people with symptoms of knee or hip osteoarthritis (OA). If you experience pain or stiffness in your hips or knees this could be the program for you! It is an individualized education and exercise-based program that works to reduce your OA symptoms.

The program is 7 weeks long and runs every couple of months. Participants receive a physiotherapy assessment then attend two group education sessions and complete 12 group exercise classes. Program dates are determined on a rolling basis so please call us to find out the next available program. 

Do certain practitioners specialize/focus on certain areas of the body?

All of our practitioners are able to work on all parts of the body. If you have specific inquires please feel free to give us a call.

Can you tell me how many appointments my insurance will cover?

Unfortunately we cannot tell you how many appointments your insurance covers. We can bill your appointments until your insurance policy is maxed. You can find this information on your provider’s website if you have an online account with them, their app, or by calling your provider.


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