John Angrignon


John Angrignon (He/Him/His)



John worked in Advertising many years and then switched to massage therapy as his goal was to help people. After training at West Coast College for three years, he was able to fulfill his dream of becoming a massage therapist.

After graduation, John followed many different massage routes. Training in muscle energy technique helps him treat very orthopedically, while training in cranial sacral brought out the passion for subtle massage. Craniosacral is an excellent discipline for trauma, especially motor vehicle accidents and concussions, as well as balancing out the autonomic nervous system (fight/flight versus rest/digest). John also does deep tissue work and spent two years working in Whistler. His Whistler time was an amazing education in sports injuries.

His style is to help you heal by whatever combination of deep massage or light massage and post massage stretching and strengthening you need.

And part of this therapy is to also bring the balance of relaxation into your healing.

John lives in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver and is a life-long skier, and these days enjoys walking and golfing. He loves to travel and has seen a lot of the world. Meeting new people and helping on their recovery journey is a natural extension of his guiding principle of “helping you live better in your world.”

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