Do the at home portable ultrasound therapy machines really work. I would imagine that they are not as good as the ones at the clinic but am hoping to work on my acute ankle sprain on the days I cannot make it into physio?

There is little scientific research done to validate the use of the home portable ultrasound therapy machine, and research generally shows benefits of ultrasound for the first seven to 10 days after an injury. There are also contraindications to ultrasound which would be of concern were you to use the home ultrasound for anything other than what your physiotherapist has taught you to use it for.

I think your money and time would be better used ensuring you rest, ice, compress and elevate your ankle in the acute phase of healing, and attending physiotherapy as often as possible. If you are still looking for something to expedite healing in the acute and sub-acute phases, you could consider renting (or buying) a cryocuff.

A cryocuff is a device that wraps around your ankle and provides cooling and compression all at once.

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