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Active Rehab & Kinesiology


Experience the Power of Movement

Kinesiology uses exercise and science-based rehabilitation techniques to accelerate your rehab and minimize challenges to movement and wellness. We have treatment options to suit everyone, including ICBC active rehabilitation sessions, general exercise rehabilitation, and personal training and maintenance programs. All of our programs are led by led by registered kinesiologist, Marianne Tout. She is happy to help you improve your mobility, overcome injury, and build strength working with you independently or as part of your healthcare team. Marianne is currently able to treat you virtually or in the clinic!

Marianne Tout, BKIN

Kinesiologist Marianne Tout uses strength exercises and movement-based approaches to rehabilitate her patients. She believes that in terms of daily movement, quality is better than quantity. She strives to help her patients with their everyday movement, and seeks to prevent injuries and re-injury. She loves to see her clients reach their goals and make new ones.

Marianne’s favourite sport is water polo. She competed in 5 national championships, where she won two silver medals and helped her team claim the national title in 2011.

Marianne earned her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Toronto, where she played on the varsity water polo team and was named captain in her fourth year. She has her level 1 National Coaching certification for water polo and coaches a local youth water polo team. In her free time, Marianne likes to swim, hike, ski, and spend time with friends and family.

Did you know Active Rehabilitation is fully funded by ICBC?

Active Rehab is a kinesiology program fully funded by ICBC! It is a therapy program for individuals who have been in a motor vehicle accident and have an active ICBC claim number. Active rehab involves a kinesiologist guiding clients through specific exercises that help the patient to increase their mobility and strength in order to increase the rate of recovery after being in a motor vehicle accident.

This treatment is helpful for anyone with whiplash, shoulder, low back, hip, knee, or ankle related injuries. It is suitable for individuals of any age and any fitness ability or physical condition.

Individuals will be provided with the knowledge and skill to be able to perform exercises on their own, experience increases in strength and mobility, and gain confidence in being active.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation therapy is done with a registered kinesiologist. Your kinesiologist will guide you through specific mobility and strengthening exercises that will help you recover from injury and provide you with pain management skills for you to be able to perform exercises on your own at home or at the gym.

Our exercise rehabilitation appointments are open to anyone who is recovering from an injury or dealing with chronic pain. 

Exercise has been shown to help with chronic pain, by increasing strength and movement, making it a good choice for recovery and maintenance of your body. 

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