I have been having pain in my hip joint and front groin (I assume the psoas) for around 1.5 years. In the years before my injury I was a really active long-distance runner while I also played soccer. Been to 4-5 different therapists where I got different exercises, but none of them seemes to work as I have been going hard on them for a long time without much result. Also I never got a diagnozis from my therapists. I do not have any back pain. I feel the pain in my hip joint while sitting and lying on that side om my bed, and it seems to be at the back of the joint. It is a slow and constant pain. In the psoas however there is a more sudden and more servere pain when i move my hip at certain levels, for example by lifting my knee up. These injuries are both in my left leg, my rigth leg is all good. I also have a snapping sound in my left hip.

It can be very challenging dealing with these types of chronic injuries! I commend you for working hard on your exercises. If you have given them 6 weeks and are seeing no improvement it might be time to change things up. Given your description it is not possible to offer an exact diagnosis/cause of your pain. Where you feel pain is not always a good indicator of physiological damage.

Given the duration of your discomfort it might be time to seek imaging to get a better idea of what you are dealing with and the best next steps. In the meantime I encourage you to seek out activities that do not aggravate your hip (swimming? cycling?) and to continue to strength train. Avoid activities that bring on your pain. As someone who is very active you might ask yourself if you have given your hip the rest it requires to heal. Have you avoided all activities that aggravate it for a period of time – at least 1 month?

Other sources of your pain that could be investigated by your doctor or manual physical therapist would include your lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint, or your hip joint.,

I think that through running with the wrong gait (too long of a stride) I’ve injured my hamstring, particularly where it is seated at the hip/buttock. I have an ache at the hip and clicking there when I stretch and a kind of clenching plain that extends down the back and outer side of my leg all the way to my foot. I’ve tried acupuncture and chiropractic (she also did a kind of ultrasound therapy on the hamstring, especially at the ishcial tuberosity (sp?)). I guess I’m curious about what I do next. I really want to get back to running, but I don’t want this to get worse. Do you have any links to stretches or a form rolling regimen that might be helpful? Thanks!

Running injuries can be frustrating, I am sorry you are experiencing this! A pain that runs from your hip to your foot sounds like it might be associated with a nerve. Of course without a complete assessment it is difficult to offer a diagnosis or offer an individualized exercise prescription that can help. Sometimes, in runners some muscles stop working as hard as they should, and others muscles work overtime so to speak and this can lead to injuries.

A physiotherapist can help you work on your gait, identify the cause of your pain and use a combination of manual therapy and exercise to get you back on track. Some exercises that are often prescribed for individuals in your situation include hip bridges, lunges and single leg squats – however it is important that these are the correct exercises for you and you do them with correct form, as well as progress both number and intensity slowly. Any exercise you do should not cause an increase in pain during or in the 24 hrs after you perform them.

Give us a call at North Shore Sports Medicine to start working with a physiotherapist and get back running as soon as possible.

My 82 year old aunt fractured her hip and had a full replacement. She was walking with crutches then progressed to walking sticks, but then her daughter decided she would be better with a wheeled walker, is this a backward step?

I’m sorry to hear about your aunt’s injury, however it sounds like she is recovering well. There are a few factors that contribute to the choice of assistive device used after an injury like this. Safety, independence, and mobility are all important to consider.

A wheeled walker offers more support and often a place to rest relative to walking sticks. If your aunt is at risk of falls it is possible the more supportive walker is a more appropriate choice. If you book an appointment with a physiotherapist at North Shore Sports Medicine we would be happy to assess your aunt as she uses a variety of walking aids and help determine her best option.

We could also provide education regarding the walking aid and how to reduce the risk of falls in the future. Call us at 604 973 0242 and one of our healthcare coordinators can help you set up an appointment.

My right hip feels like it needs to pop but none of the stretches I’ve seen on Google have made it pop back. Causes pain when I lift my right leg. Any solution?

Without an assessment, it is difficult to determine what is causing you this sensation. There are a number of structures that can cause discomfort with hip flexion and the treatment a physiotherapist would provide depends on what is going on. There are stretches, exercises and manual therapy specific to different types of injury — however they wouldn’t be effective/could set you back if used under the wrong circumstances.

If you come in, a physiotherapist will perform a full assessment and can use a mix of manual therapy (hands on) and exercise prescription to help you out! They will make sure you are doing the exercises and stretches correctly to ensure you get the best results.

How long would it take to treat severe sciatic pain that has persisted for 7 weeks and is shooting down to my foot? Can you please tell if you have worked on any of these cases and how long it would take to completely heal my condition according to your statistics?

Thank you for your question! In general, with regular treatment, this can be resolved within 8 weeks.

We would encourage you to seek further medical testing. You are also welcome to come to the clinic anytime for a thorough assessment and individualized treatment plan.

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