What Are The Benefits of Longer Appointments?
Published on August 25, 2023

Have you ever wondered why some physiotherapy sessions feel rushed while others take their time, diving deep into every concern? There are a number of benefits of longer appointments. At North Shore Sports Medicine, our longer appointment times aren’t just a preference—they’re a commitment to unparalleled patient care.

Why do we make this a priority? A 2021 research study showed that each additional hour of physiotherapy treatment time resulted in a corresponding improvement in functional independence. So, we know that when the average duration of patient visits increases, it often leads to significantly better patient care and improved patient outcomes.

At North Shore Sports Medicine, our follow-up appointments for physiotherapy and chiropractic are typically scheduled for a full 30 minutes, versus the 15 to 20 minute follow-ups at some other clinics.

Here’s why:


Thorough assessment

Longer appointments in any health care setting allow for a more comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s condition. A lengthier time slot means the therapist can delve deeply into the patient’s medical history, perform detailed physical examinations, and truly understand the root cause of discomfort or dysfunction. Instead of rushing through evaluations or potentially missing subtle signs, extended sessions ensure that patients receive a thorough assessment, paving the way for more effective and personalized treatment plans.


Personalized care

With more time, physiotherapists and chiropractors can tailor their advice and treatment plans to the specific needs and circumstances of each patient. Personalized care often results in better adherence to treatment and more effective management of health conditions. What’s more, extended consultations foster a stronger therapist-patient relationship, encouraging open communication and trust. When patients feel heard and understood, they are more likely to follow medical advice, and engage in open communication. This bond not only enhances the therapeutic experience but also motivates patients to stay committed to their rehabilitation journey.


Education and counselling

Extended visits provide an opportunity for healthcare providers to educate patients about their conditions, potential treatments, and preventive measures. An informed patient is more likely to make better health decisions and adhere to prescribed treatments. Additionally, longer sessions enable providers to address any questions or concerns in real-time, ensuring clarity and dispelling myths. This depth of understanding not only empowers patients in their own care journey but also fosters a collaborative approach to health and recovery.


Reduced errors

Rushed appointments can lead to oversight or misinterpretation of information. With more time, physiotherapists and chiropractors can double-check their findings, consult with colleagues if needed, and ensure that they are making the best possible recommendations. This thoroughness significantly reduces the risk of diagnostic or therapeutic errors. In addition, an unhurried atmosphere allows patients to voice any uncertainties or share additional details, which can be crucial for accurate evaluation and care.


Holistic approach

Longer visits can also allow for a more holistic view of patient health, considering not just physical symptoms but also emotional and psychological factors. Understanding the whole patient can lead to treatments that address root causes rather than just symptoms. By encompassing all aspects of well-being, from mental to physical, practitioners can craft a comprehensive care plan. This broader perspective often results in more sustainable health outcomes and an enhanced overall quality of life for patients. In turn, patients’ satisfaction with the healthcare service increases. Satisfied patients are more likely to engage in recommended health behaviours and follow-up care.


Experience the benefits of longer appointments

Increasing the average duration of patient visits is not just about spending more time; it’s about enhancing the quality of care. The benefits of longer appointments include thorough assessments, personalized treatment plans, informed patient decisions, reduced risk of errors, and a holistic view of patient health. This multifaceted approach can lead to more accurate diagnoses, better treatment plans, and ultimately, improved health outcomes for patients. At North Shore Sports Medicine, we believe in the value of time and comprehensive care. Book an appointment with us to experience the difference that extended consultations can make in your health journey.

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