Meal Prepping as an Act of Self-Care
Published on February 28, 2024

One of your New’s Year’s resolutions might be about improving your nutrition through more meal
prepping and planning. You find yourself doing well for the first couple of weeks and then you start
feeling overwhelmed, are running out of ideas and wonder, why did I want to do this in the first place?
Meal prepping essentially is there to save us time and help us organize our meals better around our
busy schedules, with healthy and balanced ingredients in mind.

But is this really about saving time or about energy? And, would you agree that gifting yourself more
energy could be considered an act of self-care?

Here is what I mean by looking at meal prepping as an act of self-care. Whether you prep today or
tomorrow just before you cook, you are going to spend the same net amount of time but if your priority
would be to make things easier for yourself, so that you don’t have to do everything at once, to actually
look forward to your dinner and have more energy, then this would be about taking care of YOU.
Here are some practical ideas on how to take care of yourself through meal prepping:

1. Slow cook a meal early in the morning (weekend or if you work at home, during the week). The
wonderful aroma from the slow cooker will make you feel pampered, like someone is cooking
for you while you are working.2. Time = energy and perceived extra time for yourself, so cutting and chopping up ingredients,
marinating fish or meat 2-3x week vs. every single day only leaves you with having to follow the
recipe and voila, more time = energy for yourself after a busy day!
3. Pretend that you are your own meal prep service – you choose your recipes for the week, prep
your own ingredients for yourself and that’s over ½ of the job done! Now that’s taking care of
4. Have fun and be creative with meal prepping – if you are like me and sit mostly all day, then
cutting and chopping up ingredients with some great music is a nice break from sitting down all
day, right? So, why not take 5-10 min breaks during your day and start chopping. Self-care, you
are doing this while you are standing, NOT sitting.
5. Lastly, good balanced nutrition is what you deserve, so prepping your own meals is part of that.
Ultimate self-care to give yourself what you need.

I will be thinking of you while chopping away in my kitchen and taking some stretch breaks to my
favorite song!

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