Physiotherapy to Enhance Athletic Performance
Published on October 5, 2021

Whether you are a high level competitive athlete or you participate in recreational sport, wear and tear on your body is a risk that comes with the territory. Minor injuries are certain to come up over the span of your sports “career,” but physiotherapy can help you maintain function no matter your level of performance. Individuals participating in all sports at any fitness level can benefit from physiotherapy to maintain joint mobility, prevent injury, and rehabilitate from minor and major setbacks. North Shore Sports Medicine offers a range of services to support, maintain, and enhance athletic performance with our highly trained physiotherapists in North Vancouver. Indeed, our physiotherapists are experts in injury prevention, acute intervention, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement.

At North Shore Sports Medicine we take a comprehensive approach to supporting competitive and recreational athletes and preventing injury. It all starts with assessing the athlete and their sport or physical activity in order to provide professional advice that allows athletes to maintain function without injury. Whether that means developing an exercise program that builds on an athlete’s strengths and addresses their weaknesses or providing evidence-based recommendations for equipment that meets an individual’s unique needs, our holistic approach involves consideration of all the factors that may pose a risk for injury.

Even when injury has occurred, our physiotherapists offer expertise in sports medicine to provide acute intervention to manage that injury in the immediate context as well as longer-term rehabilitation programs to get the athlete back to competition quickly and in good health. With a combination of advanced clinical reasoning and therapeutic tools, North Shore Sports Medicine’s physiotherapists in North Vancouver develop, implement, monitor, and adapt rehabilitation programs that are customized to an athlete’s condition, injury, and sport to help them return to optimal performance.

Most importantly, our multidisciplinary team works closely with our clients to support enhanced performance. Physiotherapy at North Shore Sports Medicine is not just about injury prevention and management. Our team can develop unique performance profiles for each of our athlete clients to provide recommendations to improve performance. That may include developing specific exercise programs to improve performance in a particular sport or advising on lifestyle changes that promote strength and conditioning; our team is poised to ensure our athletes achieve optimal performance.

Our sports physiotherapists rely on a broad, evidence-based skill set to deliver innovative injury prevention and management, rehabilitation services, and performance management regardless of the level of competition, sport, or current condition of all athletes. Contact us today to learn more about how our physiotherapy in North Vancouver services can enhance your athletic performance.

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