PRICE Principle for Pain From Injury
Published on August 14, 2020

Pain is a signal to tell you that something is NOT right. You will be able to tolerate a little pain, but if pain persists, seek expert advice. As a guideline, if you have experienced a non-traumatic injury with pain persisting for more than 2 days, it likely needs expert attention. The seriousness and treatment for traumatic injuries depend on the amount of trauma involved and can involve a trip to the emergency room, physiotherapy, or simply ice for a day or two.

The Price Principle comes into play when injury occurs:

  • Protect the area from further injury
  • Rest
  • Ice for 10 minutes (or until the area feels cold to the touch) every hour
  • Compress to control swelling
  • Elevate area above the heart to control swelling


How Physiotherapy Plays a Role in Injury Prevention and Management

Almost every traumatic injury that prevents you from living your usual daily routine can benefit from physiotherapy. Physios specialize in injury prevention and management, teaching you how to manage your injury every step of the way, treating your injury to ensure that it heals as quickly as possible, and enabling you to return to your usual routine. This could look like using education, machines, massage, and other hands-on techniques to speed healing. Remember, early intervention is key. Our physiotherapists will also train you to prevent that injury, and many others, from happening in the future.


3 Stages of Healing

Your body will go through three stages to heal an injury. The first is inflammation, during which pain and swelling occur. The second is repair, which is when scar tissue forms to mend the injury. The last stage is remodeling, when healthy tissue is rebuilt. During this final stage, it’s essential to continue working with your physiotherapist to prevent further injuries or a recurring injury.


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